Training & Certifications

Training & Certifications


Learning is a never-ending process and it is crucial for anyone to keep updating their skills. Wings Within believe in sharing knowledge for the benefit of society. We train students, teachers, and professionals to enrich their skills through our certificate programs (online as well) and workshops. We have a clan of captivating trainers with us, who assimilate the specific skills of the candidates intuitively and hence help to bring success and understanding to our aspiring psychologists. Wings within is also providing certification courses to the budding psychologists, teachers, and students which can help them in their professional career advancement and also help to develop an understanding of psychology and counseling. We give one-to-one attention to our learners and train them for a professional working place. We have a vast set up for a training program where we give practical knowledge, do case studies, and hybrid delivery including offline as well as self-learning with our students to make it more lively and interactive for our budding professionals.

We are providing certification in:

  • Child Care
  • Life Skill Coaching
  • Psychology First Aid and many more
Life Skill Coaching

Wings Within walks with our clients for their personal growth where we assist them to develop their full potential. Life skill coaching works best for people who want to achieve a goal like reducing weight, developing a business, achieving work-life balance, excelling in studies, achieving a dream career, etc. We encourage and motivate the individuals to stay focused to attain their goal as well as help them to check whether the goal is realistic.

Parenting in Digital Era

All parents have natural skills/ instincts to raise their children but as our younger generation is born into a digital world the parents must be even smarter as well as equipped to deal with their children’s issues. Most parents struggle with putting restrictions on their child’s screening time, temper tantrums, etc. Wings Within conduct workshops for parents where we provide effective strategies to modify their child’s behavior, discipline their children, home rules, etc. We also customize the workshop based on the age of the child. Also, we provide information to parents on how to monitor children’s activities in cyberspace.

Cyber awareness

There are so many threats and risks involved in using cyberspace but today it is so much in demand and thus it is difficult to completely avoid the digital space. Considering the need of the hour, Wings Within conduct workshop for everyone who uses social media/ cyberspace to make them conscious of the pitfalls and how to be a smart user of cyberspace.

Classroom Management

It is not an easy task for teachers to manage a class that comprises 10-20 children with different strengths and weaknesses. Wings Within conduct workshop exclusively for teachers where we train them with various techniques and strategies that can be applied to engage classes effectively with minimum distraction and also to motivate the children to use their strength efficiently.


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