Tips for Healthy Married Life

Marriage is a beautiful institution where two people with different ideas, opinions, character decide to live together for the rest of their life. Marriage is a challenge for many as they need to accommodate the other person in all the aspects of their life as well as it requires many adjustments and understanding. Also, one must go beyond their comfort zone to make marriage a lovely experience. Let’s look at some of the central aspects to bring harmony and peace in a married life:



Do not hesitate to speak your heart out

Many a times couples don’t speak out even when they feel bad or hurt by the action of the other partner as they think it is not good to fight over small things. However, a healthy family will communicate what each other felt in a situation, it might create some arguments but then the couples will come to an agreement at some point. On the other hand, if you don’t communicate, he/ she will never understand that their action is hurting you neither will they stop that behaviour. The more you store up small issues in your heart the more intolerant you will become towards your partner.


Understand the love language of your partner

There are different ways to express your love to your partner such as by spending quality time, giving gifts, by appreciating your partner, by touch, by helping your partner etc. We like to be loved in different ways, but each person will feel more loved by their partner when they are treated in a certain way. It is important for couples to know what makes your partner excited and should behave according to their love language.

For example: Mr Prakash was so excited about his wife’s birthday and wants to show his love by giving her the best on her special day. So, he planned a surprise party for her birthday with all their friends and got her many gifts. After all that Mrs Prakash doesn’t seem to be very happy as she couldn’t spend some time alone with her husband on her special day. Mr Prakash also felt disappointed that after all his efforts she still not happy about it. If Mr Prakash knew his wife’s love language, all he had to do was book a table for dinner and spend a lot of time with her alone.


Never take your partner for granted

Do not think that what your partner does to you is his/ her duty rather appreciate and thank them even for the smallest favour they do to you. This motivate your partner and helps him/her from getting worn out putting so much effort for the family without any acknowledgement. Make every day a new experience for your partner with your kind words and bright smile.

Also, it is a common tendency for couples to satisfy everyone around them and forgets to prioritise their better half. The partners think that their better half know him/ her better so it is okay to consider them at the end, but it creates a lot of discord in the family. Even if you feel to do something for others discuss that with your partner and together you work towards it. This will make your partner feels more valued in your life.


Try not to be a child centered family

After having children most couples’ life revolves around them. They tend to plan an outing/ a movie/ a restaurant etc according to your children’s desire. It is good to give your children the best but at the same time do not forget to live for yourselves. Occasionally plan for a date with your partner and cherish the moments with each other.


Respect your partner’s personal space, dreams and aspiration

Do not forget the fact that even before your partner became your husband/ wife, he/she had a dream of their own. They will respect and love you more if they are allowed to pursue their dreams whereas if they sacrifice all their aspiration for the partner, they will always have that pain within their heart which act as a catalyst to aggravate even a small issue. They also tend to see their marriage with regret.

It is always worth to invest in your marriage so never take it for granted.