Time Management During COVID

Things have changed a lot over the past year, especially our daily routines. People who were out and about for the most of the day have now found themselves indoors all day. Children who were in school for most of the day are now at home. Parents and adults who were usually at their workplace have now been left with numerous responsibilities at home which include childcare, house chores, work from home, and more. There are ways that we can put in a little effort to make our days go a lot smoother and hassle free. Read on to find out some ways you can make your life easier.


Time Management Strategies

Make lists. The most basic thing you can do to make your day easier is to make a list. Start by writing your priorities for the day from the most important to the least important. Be sure to include breaks!

Make a schedule. Planning out things to do in a day can help you become more productive. Even though we are all at home and usually consider our homes to be a place of relaxation, that’s not all you should be doing. Make time for a home workout or some yoga. Think of what you want to cook in the day and list out what you’ll be preparing. Choose dedicated times to do these things and you’ll feel more in control of your day!


Get Creative. Instead of using your phone, computer, or tablet to keep track of your daily schedule, use a planner! Crafting your own planner can be therapeutic and it can decrease your screen time.

Find what time best suits you. As Mark Twain said, “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” (Deshane, 2020) Think about what is essential for you to get done and work on that first!

Figuring out when you start your work is also essential to effectively manage how much time you spend on each task. Do you tend to get more things done during the morning, afternoon, or evening? Find out when you are most productive and stick to completing your more important tasks during those times. By doing this you will find that you are getting more things done in the day.

Be assertive. At times we tend to take on more than we can handle. Sometimes it is okay to simply say no. If your family member needs your help with something, and you really don’t have the time, you can always tell them to try to complete their task on their own and you will help them when you get free time.

Stay on track. When you have many things to get done at once, you might think of doing everything at once. “What we think of as multitasking is actually task-switching, and studies show that it costs us time and cognitive capacity.” (Klein, 2020) So, make sure focus on one task at a time. It also can be really easy to get distracted by social media and the news. You might think you’ll just take a look for a few minutes and 30 minutes fly by just like that. To control this urge, you can shut your WIFI off for a few hours when you know you don’t need it. Do some housework so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed all at once.

Avoid procrastination. Think of what is on your list that you would enjoy doing more and do that first. Time yourself, estimate how long you will take to complete each task and try to complete your work within that timeframe. It’s a great way to challenge yourself!

Find your happy space. If there is a place in your house where you feel the most content. Use that space to do your difficult tasks. If you and a family member might be working on similar things you can work together to increase motivation. Decorate your space to match your style, the more exciting it looks the more you will feel like coming to your space every day.

Make time for yourself. Even though our days might be busier than before the pandemic, it’s equally important to make restorative time. If you are not well rested or relaxed, your days will get difficult. Take some time to rejuvenate yourself, you could do a spa day, or a movie day with the family, whatever you choose make sure to include it in your week. You will be more productive when the time comes to start hustling.

Working from home can be challenging and it can seem like your days are going on forever. But if you follow some of the simple tips mentioned above you can save a lot more time in your day!


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