Why is Summer Camp Important?


I have a conviction that a few weeks spent in a well organized summer camp may be of more value educationally than a whole year of formal school work – Charles William Elliot















Summer is around the corner and so are summer camps. The single destination where we get to learn skills that last for a life time. Camp is a place of active learning and provides a safe environment as children gain self-confidence through a lot of social skill activities (e.g.: communication, team work, resilience, self-regulation etc.)  Within the camp setting, children develop a sense of independence as they learn about life and how well to live it.  This type of experience starts to change the whole self-concept and their sense of who they are and what they can do. There is no specific age that is ideal for a child to join the summer camp. Children with a variety of abilities and attitudes thrive in a camp setting. It facilitates learning as children observe each other and come forward to perform and learn. Kids who find it difficult to learn in other setting will often find it easy at camp and achieve positive results. While school applaud good marks, camp acknowledge and reward broader range of accomplishments relevant to life.

Benefits of a summer camp


  • Helps build friendship

Camps provide a perfect environment to form friendships that last long. It helps children build social skills, improve their self-esteem and confidence. Children inherit skills like better communication, develop resilience, learn being optimistic, team work, leadership values, socio emotional regulation etc. All of which form a solid platform to build and develop friendships.


  • Develops Confidence and Resilience

At camps, children are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone. It helps children understand it is completely okay to fail and is a stepping stone towards success. It helps them recognize their limitation as well as the strength and potential. By allowing children to take risk and explore a sense of independence is developed along with confidence and resilience. Children realize they are in a safe and supportive environment and tend to explore themselves better Learns the value of leadership


  • Allows in exploring new skills

One of the major benefits of a summer camp is that they expose the child to a variety of skills. One such skill is social skills which helps develop the emotional intelligence and makes them more empathetic. It contributes in terms of future success. EQ is an essential component of the maturation process. Soft skills like communication skill enables the child be successful in later stages. Analytical skill, creative thinking, problem solving ability are all necessary in the child’s development and a camp provides it to the child in a safe environment.


  • Helps children build unique interest

Camps allow children develop unique interest but exposing them to a variety of activities and games. This in turn, helps the child explore what he loves and wants to pursue further. Making choices becomes a lot easier as children interact with positive role models who have time to interact and understand the child’s needs.


  • Provides a sense of Independence and Responsibility

Camps help children understand decision making process and helps discover themselves more. It helps them explore the benefits of what efforts are to be put in to make a decision and how it impacts self as a whole. A camp provides a child the sense of Independence and teaches the responsibility that lies behind it. Being organized and systematic (Ex: Doing things on time, arranging things in a systematic order, being socially responsible.) is another key factor that children learn at a camp. Camps make children a responsible individual with an understanding that whatever they decide or every step they take, they are responsible for it and the consequences that is derived from their actions.


  • Helps instill a sense of Gratitude

Camps help children appreciate all that they receive from their parents, school and the surroundings. It makes them realize the value of being thankful for everything they receive from others and helps in developing these feelings for a life time. Children learn to appreciate the small things in life and understand the importance of gratitude.


Camps provide a structured, nurturing, safe and effective environment that allows children to know and challenge themselves. Campers learn not only about themselves but also relating and interacting with the peers around. It improves their mental health and encourages positive thinking (Ex: being thankful, understanding others, being empathetic etc.) Activities conducted encourages creativity and helps build their imagination. Children learn to set their boundaries and learn to accept the highs and lows that comes their way. Enrolling your child for a summer camp would be the best decision you would take for the child’s growth.