Shadow Teacher

Wingswithin will help you find experienced shadow teacher based on your child’s need. We have teachers who are trained from our center as well as from other prestigious institutions on various child problems such as Learning Disability, Autism, ADHD etc. We thus guarantee competent shadow teachers for your child’s assistance.


What role does a Shadow Teacher play in the life of a special need child?

Children who has a special need studying in an inclusive school setting will face many challenges as they may not perform like the other children not just in academics but also in other skills (for example: communication skills, understanding the play rules, attention, motivation, confidence, sitting tolerance etc.). classroom teachers find difficult to manage and to give singular attention to the special child along with the other kids in the class. This is where a shadow teacher plays a crucial role in the holistic development of a special child especially in helping the child to cope and adapt to his/ her environment. Shadow teacher equip the child to do his/her daily activities in the school such as to copy the notes, understand the classes taught, to do class work, engaging in extra curricular activities etc. In this way they make sure that the child is coping with his/her peers

Apart from academic help what does shadow teachers do?

A shadow teacher by 15 days’ observation will understand the strength and weakness of the child basis on that they will motivate the child’s strengths and facilitate in the child’s weaknesses. It is often observed that special need children have struggle to play with other children as they may not understand the rules of the game or doesn’t know to communicate well or struggle to wait for their turn in a game etc., because of these reasons’ others might not welcome the special child in their groups. In such situation a shadow teacher can engage the special need child so that his/her self-esteem is not hurt and slowly he will be trained to pick up the skills to engage with other children.

When you have to seek the assistance of a Shadow teacher?

When child is finding difficulty to perform (difficulty to follow instructions given in class, difficulty to understand the lessons taught, difficulty to behave appropriately in the class etc.) despite of the support given by the classroom teacher or the school then the shadow teacher can assist the child.
(Make sure that the child is diagnosed by an expert as a special need child)

How Shadow teacher different from a special educator?

Shadow teacher and special educator cannot be compared as both are entirely two different professionals. A shadow teacher knows the environment of the child and is physically present with the child in school. Special educator doesn’t assist in the daily activity of the child but has a knowledge about the academic level of the child, plans how he/she should be taught, which method will help him/her to grasp better etc. These skills may not be present in a shadow teacher.

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