Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

How confidential will we keep your information?

  • We as a working body of counseling services and mental health principles, respect your private life and thoughts. We can ensure an individual to not share the information regarding the pieces of information shared at our place. The information will be not communicated without the consent of an individual.


  • At some exceptions, the privacy policy will be dealt with differently and the psychologist can share the information without consent to protect the patient or public from some serious harm- for example, if a client discusses the plans to attempt suicide or to harm another person.


  • Psychologists have the right to report the ongoing violence, abuse, or neglect of children.


  • For some legal proceedings, psychologists may release the information if they receive any court order.


  • We can share the information with health care professionals or insurance companies that is paying for the treatment so that company and program can specify what care is covered.

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