Can’t get your kids off their devices. De-addict them from the gadget way!

The era of ‘playing ‘hide-n-seek’ or seven stones or playing with shining round marbles seems bizarre and outdated when suggested to the techy young teens of present times.

‘’ Allow me to complete this game and then I shall go buy sugar.’’ (A gadget freak)

’I’d rather do it myself son, than bother you in the midst of the game. ‘(A disappointed parent because she knew that the shop would close by the time her son uplifts his attention to homely affairs)

Situations are being analysed by counsellors and experts in child psychology and one of the reasons, they suggest is the demanding lifestyle that people follow due to which handing a mobile phone to calm a 2.5 year old seems easy than sing a lullaby or swing a cradle . The result is just seen over the years. The gadget becomes the best friend, parent’s strangers. Imagine the monologue conversations, children engage in, where they smile, fret and talk to the miniature smart phones. They forget the human connect and the mind gives in too.

The reality may seem scary but the good news is that there are interesting ways recommended by experts to help parents de-addict their dear kids through the medium of gadgets. Yes. Everything is good when used with the right intention. So gadgets can be used by parents and children for developing and learning in a playful manner. Yes, you got it right.

  1. Childhood memories and pictures can be put together as an online collage. Team work leads to beautiful creations!
  2. Travelling to places where there is more scope for adventure and hardly a tower for network or charger to energise the gadget. The mind and body gives in to Nature!
  3. Hobby classes and activities help enhance their physical and creative thinking calibre. Going the artists’ way!
  4. House hold chores become easy when children are taught to help, at the young age. Discipline inculcates good habits for lifetime!
  5. Time, the more you give your child, the more they stay away from the gadgets. You have solid 24 hours after all!
  6. Studies can be made interesting through daily e-lessons followed by a productive playtime outside. Perks motivate the kids to accomplish tasks assigned to them!
  7. Festivals and society parties these days have a special segment for kids. A good time to talk, interact and make new friends!
  8. Put away smart phones when at home and use it when urgent. Children imitate what they see and so reserve the net chats after they sleep!
  9. Talk to children every day and spend time together while having food at home. Remember to shut your own mobile in the room during these family times.
  10. A child needs attention and when you become a good listener, they will open up easily than cling on to the gadget. Faith in a listener helps strengthen human relationships!

The tips may seem simple but then it takes a lot of patience to make children come out of their dangerous comfort zone. Small steps will make a big difference in their emotional well-being and personal development.

We would like to hear from our readers. Please share more tips with us at Wings Within so that together we can fight the gadget world and guide the kids to a happy/healthy life.


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