Little Wings – An Early Intervention Program

Little Wings – An Early Intervention Program

Little wings always work for children who are seeking help under one roof. 

“Little wings is our great initiative towards the little hearts or the young kids of our society, as we believe in enhancing the self-power of an individual”.


Early childhood intervention is a support and educational system for very young children who have been victims of, or who are at high risk for child abuse and/or neglect as well as children who have developmental delays or disabilities

If you have been told by doctors, pediatricians, and School teachers that,” your child is not speaking well, your child is having a speech delay, why child find it difficult to read and write and process the information?”

Gross motor skill development 

Sitting tolerance 

Response taking 

Speech stimulation 

Developing cognitive skills 

School readiness 

Peer group communication 

Self-help skills 

Sensory intervention 

Life Skill 


An early intervention program is designed for:

A child will be getting benefited from Occupational support, Speech Therapists, ABA Support, counselors, and Psychologist.

During this program, children will be helped out by a group of therapists who will be helping out children overcome milestone delays. Which has happened during the COVID-19 time. Where many children have lacked in development due to a lack of socializing as well as due to online schooling. This program is designed in such a way that children will be able to correct delays where its really an important factor of growth (Cognitive skills, Attention, Memory, Social skills, Sense of security, Gross motor, and fine motor skill, Communication skill, etc.) this early intervention program is an ongoing process with a small group (5-6).

The therapies are more child-centric and help an individual in overcoming through various challenges for healthy living. It helps in developing the confidence of an individual to face the real world where they learn to interact with each other. We have an expert team to deal with various challenges of early interventions. We believe in providing student-friendly therapies where they can easily adjust to the environment of the therapist.

Equally, we are providing various benefits of joining us such as parents will be benefited from free counseling, and screening for children counseling for parents is focused on parenting tips and how families can support children emotionally, behavioral and how parents can be part of learning.




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