‘Practical approach of learning is way more helpful than a theory’ And psychology is more associated with practical knowledge.

An internship provides the exposure necessary to bridge the gap between theoretical input and practical application. We at wings within providing the learning environment and practical exposure to students which will help them in their career advancement. We are assuring a fully practical training program for the interns as we have conducted more than 150 internship programs and also have experience of training 7000+ students.

Our internship program has all the facilities or we can say we simulate the live working atmosphere at our place, which gives a real-time environment to our interns for assessing the clinical problems and for the planning the treatment. Our internships are further classified into three levels : Basic, Advanced, and Professional.

Perks of joining the internship with wings within:

  • Discussion / analysis of client sessions.
  • Role plays.
  • Assignments/ Research topics.
  • Client exposure/ experience.
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Customised For* +

  • 11th & 12th Grade (who have Psychology in their curriculum)
  • Under Graduates
  • Post Graduates
  • Mental Health Practitioners
    (*Note: Based on your requirement of Service, Credits, Duration)

Why Wings Within? +

Wings Within is an establishment where it consists of Clinical Psychologists, Rehabilitation Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Special Educators, Speech Therapists, and other Consultants who are associated with mental health care. Wings Within is an enterprise that has a wide range of clients which includes Schools, Organisations, and other Establishments that require our support.

Exposure to +

1. Psychotherapy Sessions
2. Assessment Sessions
3. Behavioral Therapy
4. Counselling Sessions
5. Play Therapy etc.,

List of Assessments You’ll Learn* +

  • Projective tests (CAT, TAT, etc.,)
  • Intelligent Quotients Tests and Battery (WISC IV, MISIC, etc.,)
  • Clinical Diagnostic Tests (PANSS, BDI-II, HAM-A, etc.,)
  • Screening Tests (DST, VSMS, ADHD, SLD, etc.,)
  • Neurological Assessments (ACE-III, FAB, MMSE, etc.,)
  • Personality Assessments (16PF, NEO PI-R, IPDE, etc.,)
  • Other Psychological Tests
    *Note: The assessments will be taught depending on the Internship course you choose and your skillset.

The Internship Network +

Be a part of Wings Within Network. Join our Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp groups and stay connected. We believe in helping each other and a strong network in the field is an asset you don’t want to miss out on.

Outcome +

  • Internship Certificate
  • Daily Internship Record
  • Assignments and Presentations done during Internship


  •  Learn To Write Case History
  • Learn To Conduct Mental Status Examination
  • Know About Various Therapy Techniques
  • Learn How To Conduct Assessments
  • Communication Techniques


  • Master Basics of Psychology
  • Various Counselling Approaches
  • DSM & ICD
  • Special Education
  • Report Writing


  •  Mental Health Disorders
  • In-depth Analysis Of Case Histories
  • Mentorship Support
  • Case Study Sessions With Counselors
  • Real Cases to Experience And Learn


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