Happy Women’s Day


The biggest barrier for women is the thought that they can’t have it all – Cathy Engelbert.



History has been testimony to the fact that women have been backbone of the nation. They are survivors and not victims, where myriads of challenges have been thrown their way and time has been a silent spectator throughout. It is women today who are taking the world head on and making remarkable progress by setting new milestones in their respective fields and interests. The goal has not been to let the achievements of men down nor to prove themselves superior. The struggle has been to see a world where equality between gender stands out and leads to a well-balanced society in which accomplishments of both are celebrated.


Importance of Women’s day

  • As we celebrate women’s day today which is all about acknowledging the contributions made by women to the society. We need to take pride about anything man could do women did it better. They show people around that world is not run just by men and needs women to survive and strive towards the direction of better future.
  • Women have left their mark in all fields, many professions today are dominated by women right from our Defense system headed by Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman to Billionaire Entrepreneur Kiran Mazumdar Shaw head of Biocon Limited. Women are gaining popularity due to the hard work and persistent efforts.
  • There are plenty of women who have been contributing to the field of psychology right from the early days and have been through harsh criticism, obstacles and difficulties, yet their spirits unshakable. Right from Anna Freud developer of child psychoanalysis to Eleanor Maccoby first woman to chair the psychology department at Stanford University. It can be seen that while once women made a tiny portion in the stream of psychology the tides have changed in a humongous manner.
  • Hence making it necessary to take time out and celebrate women’s day as it a great opportunity to stand up, speak out be heard and make a change. Hence making it necessary to take time out and celebrate women’s day as it a great opportunity to stand up, speak out be heard and make a change.


Issues faced by women

  • It needs to be taken into consideration that despite comprising over half the population, women occupy less than 23% of parliamentary seats globally.
  • One fundamental difference between men and women is that women can give birth. This leads to one of the biggest issues of all. The debate over abortion is the hottest topic and many have lost their lives due to the stringent laws.
  • And in many countries women still suffer disproportionately from poverty, lack of education and lack of access to health care.
  • Women are also severely suppressed when it comes to take leadership, the statistics have been decreasing instead of increasing.
  • It is to be noted that 8th march is also a day of International women’s strike where violence against women (Physical, mental, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse), Equal pay, labor rights, environmental equality will be put forward.


Why is Important to care for women’s physical and mental health

  • Since the Indian culture is unique due to the family systems, patriarchy, preference for male child, dowry, strict code of conduct for women. The chances of physical and mental illness are higher in women than men. It needs to be taken into consideration that women aren’t all about reproductive health other areas are to be taken into consideration.
  • Depression, anxiety, somatoform disorders are higher in men than women. They are often exposed to sexual violence which leads to high rate of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It also to be noted that few studies have reported on marital and sexual dysfunction.
  • In India, Suicidal tendencies are higher in women than men. It is found that women from nuclear families and married at a young age are at a higher risk of suicide and self-harm.
  • Under Reproductive health mood and behavioral changes have been observed to be associated with menstrual cycle. A premenstrual dysphoric disorder consisting of extremely distressing emotional and behavioral symptoms is closely linked to the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle.

The truth about women’s mental and physical health depends largely on social change and is beyond their control, making it necessary for each one of us to concentrate on the women in our house. Professionals like (Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Physicians) must be consulted when changes are noticed in women’s health be it physical or mental.

Long gone are the days when a woman’s work was only taking care of the household and giving birth. Why should women be hidden and men let out to explore the world. They are no longer weak and can fight the world. When women like Kalpana Chawla (Indian Origin astronaut), Indra Nooyi (Board of Director Amazon), Avani Chaturvedi (First Indian Air Force Fighter Pilot) has set the bench marks, being a woman is truly a privilege and blessing that needs to be cherished and celebrated. Future is beautiful and building a gender balanced world need of the hour.

Here’s to strong women; may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. – Stacey Bendet.