Focusing on your Career during COVID

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, many people have been laid off from their jobs and those who haven’t, have been given less responsibilities at work due to budget cuts. Even though we are in this current situation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot excel towards your respective career path. There are many ways to work on your professional development and reach towards your desired goals at your current workplace or even towards a new job!


Stay Focused

In order to figure out your next step, the most important thing to do is think about where you want to go with your career. Make a list and consider what you are good or what you want to improve on. If you are at a current job that is not paying you well, consider the pros and cons if you were to apply to another job. Whatever predicament you find yourself in, make sure you have laid out all of your options before making any decisions. Often, we get distracted from what we really want to do because we find that other jobs might make us more money. But it is up to you to stay focused on your goals and think about what you will truly be happy doing.

Creating Opportunities

If you really like your job and are facing troubles because of a lower salary, staying silent is not going to help. Take the time to set a video meeting with your employer and have a talk about where you see yourself in the company. Offer to take on more responsibility, or even come prepared with an idea that might benefit the company. Communication is key when figuring out what is best for you. If there is something that you are unable to do for your employer, then take the time to learn the skills needed for the position. According to Peter Leets, CEO of the Leets Executive Consortium in Las Vegas, “One-on-one professional development conversations shouldn’t focus on operational performance. They should be about the individual and his or her professional development.” Keeping this statement in mind, make to tell your employer that you want to grow professionally in your career even if that means you have to take an extra step to learn more about your field.


One of the most important things you can do is keep a strong network of colleagues or even new friends, to connect and find common interests. You never know who can be of help to you. Maintaining a strong network can help your hard work be seen, therefore creating new opportunities. Keep in mind that there is always competition! If you can do something better than your colleagues, you should be able to take your skill set to other companies for a better income. Reach out to people and make it happen!

Strengthen your Skills

As we are all stuck at home, many people find that they might have more time than usual, so take this time to sign up for some courses that will help you be better at your job. Adding some courses to your resume will help you become the more attractive candidate for a new job or even a promotion. Lakshmi Mittra, VP – Center of Excellence (CoE) and Clover Academy, Clover Infotech says “The new normal means that certain skills will be highly sought in the post COVID-19 world, given that many of our usual ways of living have changed. Employees all over the world are compelled to adjust to digital infrastructure and work remotely. This requires acquiring new skills – not just technical but also soft skills to make a smooth transition into the new way of working.” (Times, 2021) Self-development for work and yourself can take you a long way. Take the time out in your day to find something that will benefit you and your career growth. As we all know, unexpected things can happen. The most important lesson we can take from this is to be prepared with the right mindset and a handful of skills!

Stay Strong

It might not seem like it, but we will get through the struggles we are currently facing. We have the power to control our actions. With a little motivation and the right mindset, keeping your career on track should not be challenging. Remember, stay focused on your goals and keep inspiring change and growth within yourself.



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