Life Skills

Updated Date :July 31, 2020 Release Date :May 27, 2020

What are Life Skills?

Life skills are the abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable the individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Life Skills enable individuals to translate knowledge, attitude and values into actual abilities that is what to do and how to do it, given the scope and opportunity to do so. What do I learn from this course? / Core elements of Life skills education?You get to learn about the ten core  Life Skills as listed by WHO, which helps in building your skills to deal with yourself and your life better. You will learn in detail about the 10 life skills, why they are important and how you can built/ develop them within you, the ten life skills are:
  1. Self-Awareness,
  2. Empathy,
  3. Critical Thinking,
  4.  Creative Thinking,
  5.  Decision Making,
  6. Problem Solving,
  7. Effective Communication,
  8. Interpersonal, Relationships,
  9. Coping with Stress and
  10. Managing Emotions.

Who is it for?

It is for adults, who are feeling that their life is full of concerns and stress/ problems and don’t know what to do with life and themselves. To aspiring adults who want to lead a peaceful and life of well-being and wellness.

Why are they important?

Life skills training is an efficacious tool for empowering the individuals to act responsibly, take initiative and take control. Life Skills Education empowers them with improved decision making skills, abilities that promote mental well-being and competencies to face the realities of life. Life Skills Education would enable individuals to articulate their issues and know their rights; build their self-esteem and self-confidence; and develop the ability to take responsibility for self, relationships and (to an extent) society around them.
    Details of the program & Learning outcomes:
  • Duration – 20 hours
  • Placement support & assistance post completion of program
 Key Components of this Course:
  • Submission of Statement of the Purpose (why candidate would like to attend this program)
  • Review of Study material including quiz
  • Timely completion of Assignments with good quality
  • 20 hours completion of Internship certificate/Letter
On successful completion of the above criteria, certification of completion is granted to the successful candidates.

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