Certificate in Student Counseling

Updated Date :April 26, 2020 Release Date :April 15, 2020
  • Child Mental Health in Indian School is a serious concern for educationalists, mental health professionals and policy planners. 
  • It is estimated that a quarter of India’s population, about 400 million people, is school-going age. No doubt many of these young people are not, in fact, in school, but a substantial proportion is and this number is growing. 
  • These  young people are our future and the way they negotiate their school years determines not only their own future  well- being but also the overall development of their communities . 
  • Although the school years tend to be the healthiest period of life, they are also the time when mental health problems often begin or become more apparent. We believe every school has at least one counsellor. 
  • In today's education system only academic is not important that's why many  school has added many extracurricular activity (music, art, sports ,drama etc…) as part of their curriculum, but still that is  not enough for facilitating children’s overall growth and development in physical, mental, emotional or social domains.
  • Many students are good at scoring academically, but find it difficult to present oneself before a crowd (phobia),  or to engage in debates or public performance and it adds up to their stress. Few children are very good in performing arts like  singing or dance, but find it difficult to cope with emotional balance.
  • Thus, to address all these issues the school counselor comes into picture and all CBSE schools mandatory to have at least one counsellor in school. Now almost most of the schools have and always look for good counselors.
  • The role of school counsellor is very challenging and they are subjected to carry forward their roles ethical and with genuineness. 
  • By this certification we intend to provide the counsellor with a solid foundation for school  counselling.
  • Counseling skills
  • Mental Health issue of Children in School.
  • Addressing various issues of students
  • Counselor roles and responsibility in school
  • Therapies used by School counselor
  •  School Counselor VS  Management and Parents
  • Practical Implication: Ethical and Legal Consideration
Eligibility Criteria for enrolment:
This is self help and awareness program, following requirements are encouraged.
  1. At least degree in psychology, social work, education and other related areas. Or
  2. Experience in working with students in school environment.
  3. Working knowledge of English.
What all will be there:
  • 7  Detailed Modules
  • Each topic consists of several sub-topics
  • Formats for case records and case discussion  
  • Strategies and techniques 
  • Case studies 
You will get:
  • Hard copy of certificate. 
  • Confident to work in school with students.
  • Techniques to work with young brain.
  • Understanding of therapy
  • Career growth and ready to use formate.
  • Professionalism
₹ 4800
8 Lesson