Student Counseling

Adolescents of today are faced with myriad issues and many a times are confused and puzzled in finding ways of dealing with them.
Students and adolescents are forced to deal with many emotional and situational issues for which they are ill-equipped to manage or cope with. This has resulted in many youngsters slipping into depressive state of mind or even giving up and quitting altogether, which explains the alarming increase in mental health issues and suicide rates in population of this age group.
Wings Within assumes responsibility to equip our future generations with skills and techniques to help helps build resilience in young people and enable them to gear up to life’s challenges.

Wings Within supports the young generation in –

  • Handling peer pressure
  • Dealing with conflicting emotions
  • Relationship issues and break ups
  • Issues with self-esteem and confidence building
  • Developing social skills / friendship issues
  • Dealing with bullying/ragging at their school/college
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Bereavement and grief
  • Exam fear and panic situations
  • Developing effective study skills
  • Substance abuse and de-addiction

Wings Within also supports students from international community to start a new life in a new country. Our learned counselors can help them in –

  • Adapting to a new environment / new education system
  • Understanding the local culture & blending in
  • Homesickness, loneliness & isolation
  • Friendship – meeting & making new friends from other nationalities
  • Confusion about the future

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