Group Counseling

Most often, people join group because they are having some struggles with their relationships. Group is often the best place to get help with interpersonal concerns. Here are some examples of the kinds of interpersonal issues that bring people to group:

  • Loneliness or isolation
  • Shyness
  • Excessive dependence in relationships
  • Superficial relationships
  • Frequent arguments with people
  • Discomfort in social situations
  • Difficulty trusting others
  • Being easily hurt or offended
  • Needing a lot of reassurance from others
  • Afraid of being left
  • Lack of intimacy in relationships

Obviously, many of us experience these concerns at one time or another, but if you experience one or more of these to the extent that they are causing significant pain or distress for you, group counseling may be a solution.Group counseling is a form of group psychotherapy that usually involves four to ten clients and one or two experienced counselors or practitioners who demonstrate techniques such as active listening and how to give and receive constructive feedback, so everyone gets the most out of the experience.

Most therapy groups meet every week at the same time for one to two hours. During that time, the members of the group discuss the issues that are concerning them and offer each other support and feedback. Interpersonal interaction is highly valued and encouraged.

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