Counseling offers you an opportunity to discuss your thoughts, feelings and ideas in a comprehensive manner with a professional who is competent.

We offer counseling to any person regardless of gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, age, socio-economic background, disability, religion, political views, sexual orientation, and other irrelevant distinctions.

Counseling is especially suitable to:

Handle crises in relationships
Deal with stress and other pressures
Resolve fears, panics and anxieties
Cope with continuing family problems
Work through difficult decisions
Break through depression and sadness

While helping clients to get a handle over their issues, counseling also helps in developing creativity, self-expression and finding pathways to self-discovery. By exploring past and present circumstances, one can open up to new possibilities, and take control of life (find yourself and be yourself).

Student Counseling

Children and adolescents are complex, and parents are not given an instruction manual with their infants. Parents worry constantly about how they grow, develop, and what kind of person they will become. Sometimes, parents are simply facing issues with their child that they do not know how to handle.

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Couple Counseling

People in a relationship seek counseling for a host of reasons, viz., communication issues, power struggles, lack of personal space, sexual dissatisfaction, trust issues, change in family dynamics due to the arrival of a baby, conflict resolution & intimacy issues.

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Geriatric Counseling

Aging is a natural process we must face in life. The stresses of aging can be complicated and potentially distressing for many people. One major difficulty of aging is facing mortality and the other being the natural decline of relationships, resulting in feelings of being lost, disconnected or forgotten – feelings that can be isolating.

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Career Counseling

Career counseling is a process that allows you to explore, discover and connect to career or major options through collaborative one-on-one meetings with a Career Development Specialist. Career counseling or career guidance includes a wide variety of professional activities which help people deal with career-related challenges.

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Online Counseling

Although a person is bothered by an emotional issue, he/she may hesitate to come across to a counseling center and discuss their problems.

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Group Counseling

Most often, people join group because they are having some struggles with their relationships. Group is often the best place to get help with interpersonal concerns. Here are some examples of the kinds of interpersonal issues that bring people to group:

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